Top 5 Listing for Amazon Europe Sellers

Amazon Europe Sellers — Selling in Europe is a hot topic right now. Whether it’s European citizens looking to launch in these growing markets with ample opportunities and lower competition, or US sellers across the world looking to scale their business internationally. I asked Amazon seller David Barry, who is the co-founder of AMZ Europe and speaker at the European Private Label Summit to share his top tips for EU sellers!

Maximize Your Reach

Many English speaking sellers just list their products on Amazon UK. In my experience, the most common reasons for this is the language barrier presented by the other marketplaces and a perception that the UK accounts for the majority of Amazon EU sales.

Bonus Tip — FBA Export

FBA Export allows sellers to choose which European countries their products can be shipped to. By adjusting your export settings in seller central, you can open your Amazon EU business up to customers in many more countries.

  • Then, click “Fulfillment by Amazon”
  • Go to the “Shipping programmes and export settings” section at the bottom of the page
  • For each marketplace, click “Edit” and update your selection to “European Union”

Localization > Translation

We established above that it’s best practice to list your products in all 5 EU marketplaces. To compete effectively against local sellers, it is critical your listings are well written and adapted to suit the customers in the country you are targeting.

Localize Your Offering

It’s recommended to localize the other aspects of your product offering, by translating ebooks, instruction manuals and product packaging. By offering these in a customer’s native language, it offers more value to them and improves your chances of making a sale.

Don’t Forget Keyword Research

English speaking sellers may be tempted to skip keyword research for their listings in German, French, Italian and Spanish. In my experience, not doing keyword research in the local language is one of the biggest reasons sellers coming from Amazon US or UK struggle on the other EU marketplaces.

Best Practice — Amazon EU Keyword Research

Keyword research should be done before your sales copy is localized, as the top keywords identified should be naturally integrated into your listing during localization.

Harness The Power Of PPC

There are some Amazon US and UK sellers who list their products on Amazon Germany, France, Italy and Spain, but neglect Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in these marketplaces.

Test To Find What Works Best

If you have a product listed on all 5 EU marketplaces, you have 5 prices, 5 titles, 5 sets of bullets and 5 product descriptions to account for. With so many variables to optimize, split testing is a valuable automation tool to help you find what works best for your EU listings.

1. Pricing

Finding the optimal price point to maximize your sales and profit is critical. Price too high and you’ll prevent customers from clicking on your listing. Even pricing too low can reduce traffic and sales, as it may suggest you’re selling a low quality product and turn off some buyers.

2. Main Image

Amazon does not currently allow sellers to display different images for each EU marketplace. As such, the same pictures (and main image) will be shown in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

3. Product Title

A good product title captures the attention of buyers, by including the right keywords and being written in an appealing way.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this post and use it to improve your listings and performance on Amazon EU.