Amazon Seller : Sell Kitchen & Dining’s Products

Amazon Seller : Sell Kitchen & Dining’s Products — Your product listing can be your greatest asset or biggest failing for selling on Amazon. While the product quality is almost certainly a key factor, you’re not going anywhere if people aren’t buying in the first place!

Having a well-optimized listing can improve your Amazon SEO, leading to greater exposure and more sessions. Furthermore, higher conversion rates will result in even more sales. It’s really not something you want to miss out on.

Amazon Seller : Sell Kitchen & Dining’s Products

We’ve shared our Amazon Product Description Template to get you on the right path. But to give you an extra helping hand we’ve started performing product listing teardowns. By showing you exactly where live listings are succeeding and failing, you’ll be able to analyze your own listings more carefully. This time we’re diving into the Kitchen & Dining category, a popular category for Private Label sellers!

Amazon Product Research in Kitchen & Dining

We’ve selected 3 products from the Kitchen & Dining category today. All products are selling in niches with great sales potential, but some are better optimized than others. Products we’ll be covering today are as follows:

We found these products using the JungleScout Web App. Top tip: There were ample product opportunities in this category. In fact, if you are doing your product research right now, make sure you add in some extra search filters, such as a minimum estimated sales of 400. Some “nice-to-have” criteria for a good product opportunity includes finding products with high sales and low competition… so if you find a product that has demand and all of the current sellers have poor listing quality — that might be a sign for you to dig a little deeper!

Now let’s tear these listings down!

This awesome product listing that’s very deserving of its “best seller” status. It’s one of the best in the highly-competitive travel mug niche with only a little room for improvement.

Title — 5/5

+ Lots of relevant, high-volume keywords (travel mug, coffee cup, tumbler, vacuum insulation)

+ Good length and broken up into “chunks” that’s easy for readers to understand

+ Demonstrates uses (for Home, Office, School) and applications (Ice drink, Hot Beverage)

Comments: An excellent title that’s doing wonders for SEO while still attracting readers.

Images — 5/5

+ Features a full 7 Images (Amazon only shows up to 7 images on a product page)

+ All images are high resolution and zoomable (Amazon only enables zoomable images for 1000×1000 pixel images and greater)

+ Very attractive main image that displays packaging and all included parts

+ Includes 2 Lifestyle image s that demonstrate the product in use

+ Professional infographics quickly show readers key benefits

Comments: Outstanding images, best in its class!

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Features — 3/5

+ Mentions all key features that buyers are looking for in travel mugs

+ Addresses common customer concerns of toxins from BPAs and use in dishwashers

+ Demonstrates product superiority compared to competitors (built tougher, but not bulky)

- A little too brief and doesn’t elaborate on points further

- Leads with specification, while it would be better to focus o benefits first

Comments: This features section has a good basis, but could be made more powerful with a little work. Starting with capitals and leading with benefits instead of actual features would drive these points home faster.

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Description — 4/5

+ Using Amazon A+ Content to further demonstrate benefits and product applications

+ Attractive, highly visual and easy to scan

- Repeats much information from the Features section

- Repeats some images from Images section

- No call to action or guarantee mentioned

Comments: The seller has gone the extra mile, getting their brand registered and enabling A+ Content for their listing. This enabled them to add additional branding material and images that reinforce product benefits. It’s a shame the Description section simply repeats the Features. Instead, it could have been used to tell a narrative story to further draw shoppers in.

Reviews — 5/5

+ 3000+ Reviews and 4.5-star average provide plenty of social proof for shoppers

+ Many customer reviews feature images which further improve shoppers confidence in the product

Comments: Nothing to improve here, keep the reviews following in!

This seems to be a good product, but the listing has a lot of room for improvement!

Title — 2/5

+ Includes multiple primary keywords (Nakiri, Japanese kitchen knife)

- Very short, doesn’t take advantage of 200 character limit

Comments: They’ve got the bare basics covered by using keywords. But they really should leverage their title to attract customers, stating unique benefits of their product over others or demonstrating applications.

Images — 1.5/5

+ High-resolution, zoomable main image

- Only features a single image (out of 7)

- Plain main image, may be unlikely to catch shoppers attention over others

Comments: The seller could greatly improve their listing overall by including more images. Lifestyle images demonstrating the product in use is vital in this category. Infographics are also very effective for quickly showing key selling points.

Features — 1/5

- Incredibly short bullets that don’t go into enough detail

- States features but doesn’t explain the relevance to shoppers

- Focuses only on the specification with no mention of customer benefits

- Doesn’t show any unique product benefits over competitors

Comments: It’s a shame that the features have been given so little thought. They quickly state features such as “Stainless Steel” “Made in Japan” “Traditional Japanese Shape” but don’t explain why shoppers should even care. Instead, they should refocus on the customer and benefits they will receive due to these features.

Description — 2/5

+ Demonstrates unique product benefit of Japanese knives over traditional knives

+ Starts to use narrative style storytelling to interest shoppers

- Too short, doesn’t use HTML formatting to draw attention and highlight key points

- Doesn’t really involve the customer’s experience

- No mention of guarantees or calling readers to purchase now.

Comments: Finally, they start to talk about the unique benefits and rich heritage of Japanese knives. However, they fail to draw readers in by involving them in the experience. Furthermore, they need to go into more detail of how their product can improve customer’s lives.

Reviews — 3.5/5

+ 70 Reviews and 4.5-star average should be enough to provide a base level of confidence in the product

- Not many reviews featuring images from customers

Comments: They’ve got enough positive reviews to get going, but they should ensure they have set up systems to keep organic Amazon Reviews flooding in.

This appears to be a good quality product with a listing that isn’t bad overall. However, they are going to need to make some improvements if they want to excel in this competitive niche.

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Title — 5/5

+ Includes plenty of keywords which will greatly benefit SEO and ranking

+ Good length and broken up into sections to keep it easily scannable

+ Includes unique product benefits (precision brewing, consistent grind, great for traveling)

Comments: Very good.

Images — 3.5/5

+ Features 6 images out of 7

+ High-resolution, zoomable images

+ Shows product, packaging and all included accessories with a white background

- Repetitive images which show similar aspects of the product

- No infographics or lifestyle images

Comments: They’ve got some good product images but they’ve overused one style. All images are showing the same parts. They would be better off replacing some with infographics and lifestyle images to demonstrate product benefits.

Features — 4.5/5

+ Good use of capitalization to draw attention to each product feature

+ Focuses on customer benefits then further elaborates each point

+ Good length that doesn’t bombard readers with too much information

Comments: Great overall. Perhaps feature 3 & 4 could be cut down to improve readability.

Description — 3.5/5

+ Introduces their brand and differentiates their product in an attractive way

+ Mentions key product benefits

+ Show customers how to use their product with an interactive style

- Difficult to read and hard scan quickly due to lack of formatting

- No call to action to tell interested readers to purchase now

Comments: Actually this is isn’t a bad description, but it’s in desperate need of formatting. Breaking their description into paragraphs, bullets and bold points could greatly improve readability. Ending with a strong call to action backed up with a guarantee would be icing on the cake.

Reviews — 2/5

+ 4.5-star average will provide confidence for buyers

+ Mostly very positive reviews

- 25 reviews is not enough to compete with more established competitor’s products

Comments: To compete in this niche, they really need to focus on attracting more organic Amazon reviews. Reaching 100+ reviews could make a big difference in click-through and conversion rates.

Product Listing Teardown: How Do Your Listings Stack Up?

Hopefully, this product listing teardown has helped see where listings can excel or fall short in Kitchen & Dining. Be brutally honest with yourself, take what you’ve learned today and apply it to your own listings. There is always room for improvement. Even a standout listing can still benefit from optimization, and the way to find what really brings in the most profit is to run scientific Split Tests.

If you’re looking for a base to start creating new listings, check out this Amazon Product Listing Template.

Or perhaps, if you think your current listings are already optimized, run them through the Product Listing Grader to see how well they do!

Come back next week for our next Product Listing Teardown in a new, highly-profitable category!

Originally published at on March 12, 2018.